For the purposes of planning and decision-making, modeling and simulation techniques can particularly be applied to:
  • Study the (dynamic) behaviour of WRS management processes under various scenarios;
  • Check the robustness of a chosen policy for managing WRS processes against possible changes in the scenarios; and
  • Simulate and assess the long-term effects of different WRS management strategies.
The presented simulation model prototype is targeted at the analysis of long-term effects of WRS management processes devised in the context of the City of Calgary’s “80/20 by 2020 Strategy”. The purpose of the prototype is to help elicit specific requirements for the first version of the simulation model for the City of Calgary’s WRS department.
Strategy Evaluation
Degree of Organics from SH (Serviced Households)

Degree of Recycling from SH (Serviced Households)
Degree of Composting in MCF(Municipal Composting Facility)

Degree of Recycling in MRF(Municipal Recycling Facility)