This Business Use Case is responsible for handling all the different programs and the related information.
Programs are an abstract concept representing services provided by the City of Calgary. Programs can be viewed, created, deleted and managed in the Program page. For creating a program, three files should be uploaded: City roads networks showing the list of roads and intersections, intersection coordinate file showing the latitude and longitude of all intersections, and finally Cost and Quality of Service model showing the impacting factors and the relation among them.

Solution offered

Service Program List
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Program Description
City roads network file * Cost and QoS model file *
Intersections coordinate file *

deleting program

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Program Name
Program Description
Cost and QoS
program configuration
Black Cart Project
Xmas Project

The information of files associated with the program
What is city graph file?
City file is a file containing all intersections and roads information of the city. The file is a ".CSV" file including 6 columns as ID, Road Id, Intersection1, Intersection2, To_from, and Length respectively.
What is latitude and longitude file?
Latitude and Longitude file is a file containing all intersections latitude and longitude information of the city. The file is a ".CSV" file including 4 columns as id, intersection id, latitude and longitude respectively.
What is BBN (Cost and QoS) model file?
BBN model file a file containing BBN graph information of City